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WATCH OUR PYRO SHOW VIDEO CLIP The Night Pyro Show is our most popular show. It consists of four TSA fireworks-licensed Team Fastrax demonstrators. We typically exit the aircraft at 5,000 to 4,500 feet above the ground. Pyro is ignited under canopy all the way to 500 feet then the demonstrators land in the target area. Fastrax also performs the flaming meteorite from 13,000 feet; spectators will see a flaming fireball for 20 seconds as our demonstrators fall 4,000 feet with the Pyro ignited. Once under canopy, the demonstrators will ignite Pyro until 500 feet. This show normally lasts 15 minutes.If you are looking for a show that will give you the biggest media exposure, this is it. Typically the internet is buzzing with UFO sightings after we jump and the news media is reporting on it and always mentions our sponsor’s name.

Team Fastrax Can Perform At Almost Any Type of Event

Sporting Patriotic Festivals/shows
Football 4th of July Celebrations Outdoor Festivals
Baseball Memorial Events Aerial Shows
Golf Veteran Events Concerts
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