Air Shows

Air Shows

Nothing thrills spectators at air shows more than The Team Fastrax™ professional skydiving team! No other parachute team can combine the largest flags flown under parachute with freefall smoke and pyrotechnics, canopy formations, high speed flying wingsuits, tandem skydiving, Live 1080 HD air-to-ground Video and high performance canopy piloting into a singular stunning On-Time, On-Target performance. Team Fastrax™ has performed for millions of spectators at airshows and festivals all over the world. Performances include the Dayton Airshow in Dayton, Ohio, The Air-Power Expo in Fort Worth, TX, and The General Aviation Forum in YanChi County, Ningxia Province in China.

If you are planning an air show or festival, Team Fastrax™ has a demonstration skydive to match your needs. Air shows typically include our giant flag demonstration skydive. Our parachute team will exit the aircraft over the area and descend to a precise landing, thrilling the spectators, making for an amazingly patriotic show.

The Most Requested Performances For Air Shows:

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Patriotic American Flag Show

Team Fastrax™ owns and routinely performs with the Largest American Flag ever flown under a parachute. Measuring at over 7,800 square feet, our largest American Flag can be seen for more than 35 miles when flown. We have the industry's largest inventory of more than fifteen American flags. The flags range in sizes from 250, 500, 1100, 1800, 2000, 2500, 5000 and 7800 square feet. No team in the world has big flag jumping experience like Team Fastrax™. We have flown with precision as many as ten flags at once. Our flag jumping performances are a fan favorite at events ranging from NASCAR, IndyCar, Football, Soccer, and Baseball to Concerts, Festivals, Celebrations, and other Patriotic or Veteran gatherings.

In addition to our American flags we also have a ready collection of several large flags including a Purple Heart, Honor and Remember Gold Star Flag, Thin Blue Line honoring our Law Enforcement, and POW/MIA. We can also make CUSTOM banners to jump at your show with the logo of your sponsors. Contact us today for a price quote.

Be sure to include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!

American Flag Care

Members of Team Fastrax™ have served the United States of America as part of the Armed Forces, many in combat. There is nothing in the US Flag Code that prohibits the display of our Nations Colors in the manner with which we display Her. We are not lowering our Nations Colors from a staff. We fly our Colors below our parachutes with a great degree of pride and treat Her with respect and honor. Due to the large amount of lead used to weigh down the Flag, we are unable to safely stand with open arms to gather the Flag and prevent it from touching the ground. However, immediately upon landing, the Flag is saluted and gathered in a dignified fashion. Prior to repacking the Flag it is inspected for damage, repaired and cleaned for the next show.

Our goal is to do our small part to inspire American pride in others for this great country of ours.

Night Pyrotechnic Show

The Night Pyrotechnic Skydive is our most popular show. It consists of several highly trained and specially licensed Team Fastrax™ demonstrators exiting the aircraft 6,000 feet above the earth. Brilliant white or multi-colored projectile pyrotechnics are then ignited and flown in formation, creating a dazzling display for spectators on the ground. We also have shows where we launch up to 33 one inch projectiles, putting on a spectacular display. The pyrotechnics are ignited continuously for the duration of the 5 minute show and extinguish right before the jumpers safely land in the target area.

Even more breathtaking is when Team Fastrax™ performs our High-Altitude Freefall Pyrotechnic Starburst Show! Resembling a falling meteorite, four or more highly trained and specially licensed Senior Team Fastrax™ demonstrators will jump from the aircraft at 13,000 feet. They ignite their pyrotechnics immediately after exit. Spectators will see a flaming fireball leaving a 1,000-foot trail. The jumpers freefall for 20 seconds at more than 120 miles per hour before splitting apart in a starburst formation. Once under canopy, the demonstrators will ignite even more pyrotechnics continuously until safely landing in the target area. This show normally lasts 10 minutes.

If you are looking for a show that will give you the biggest media exposure and bang for the buck, this is it. Typically, the internet will be buzzing with UFO sightings. News media will be reporting the spectacle after we jump, always mentioning our sponsor’s name.

Be sure to include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!

Spectacular Smoke Show

The Skydive Smoke show is perfect for daytime festivals. Four or more highly skilled members of Team Fastrax™ will exit the aircraft from over 10,000 feet and deploy colored smoke while free-falling for 35 seconds at over 120 miles per hour! The demonstrators will then track away from each other creating a beautiful starburst effect before deploying their canopies. They will then fly back into a beautiful formation trailing more colored smoke and 150′ red, white and blue streamers before landing on target in the designated area. This show typically lasts 10 minutes.

We also have a daytime colored smoke fireworks show where we shoot up to 48 one inch colored fireworks off of each demonstrator.

Be sure to include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!

Stack/CRW Show

The CRW Show is the most dangerous and thrilling show we offer. Our highly experienced canopy pilots will exit at 7,000 feet above the spectators and fly their parachutes together to form many different dazzling canopy formations. Some Popular configurations include the Three-stack, Bi-plane, Four-way Diamond and a Down-plane. The Down-Plane entails a 1,000 square foot American Flag flying between 2 jumpers. It's connected by a tether as they race towards the ground at 60 miles per hour. Some of the demonstrators will wear smoke, streamers or even fly banners or flags as part of the performance. They will then land one by one or connected in a two-stack with precise accuracy. This show normally takes 15 minutes.

Be sure to include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!

Dazzling Wingsuit Show

Experience up close the latest in human flight! In our Wingsuit show, two members of Team Fastrax™ will exit the aircraft from two miles up in the sky. The demonstrators then take flight using our specially designed wingsuits. They will emit a long trail of colored smoke and fly aerobatic maneuvers for their entire minute and a half flight. They then deploy their parachutes and land safely on target. Team Fastrax™ understands that crowd interaction is key and we will make our demonstrators available to your spectators so they can experience these suits up close. Total show length is about 10 minutes.

Be sure include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!

Planners of air shows and festivals can contact us today to schedule an amazing demonstration skydive.