Live Air-To-Ground Video Downlink Systems

Team Fastrax™ is the most sought after pre-game and half-time entertainment in the country for many reasons; reliability, flexibility, capabilities and our “Full HD Digital” Live Air to Ground Video Downlink transmission capabilities. Utilize our live Air to Ground Video Downlink Systems during pre-game and half-time entertainment shows. Your fans will remember the messages you convey on your screens due to the incredible interactive experience. Imagine 60,000 fans with their eyes focused on the scoreboard watching the live video and staring at your sponsors’ logo right next to it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have America’s Skydiving Team utilize our Live Air to Ground video at your next event.

Watch the short clips that were taken at Levi’s Stadium from fans, to see how it can work for you. Others make claims of having Air to Ground video systems. The reality is that they are using cheap low cost analog wireless video transmitters. These are meant for fpv (first person view) remote control aircraft flying. We however, use high end broadcast quality COFDM Video Downlink. We have made a large investment in our HD video downlink system to provide you with the best broadcast signal available.

Team Fastrax™ has the ability to work with Composite, Digital or Fiber connectivity, and routinely works with major broadcast networks such as ESPN, CBS, and NBC. Our satisfied clients include the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, MLS and others. To learn more about our live Air to Ground video and reserving it for your next event email us at

Contact us today to learn more about our live Air to Ground video and reserving it for your next event.

About our Full HD Digital Live Air To Ground Video Downlink Systems

The Team Fastrax™ Full HD Digital Downlink is our highest quality video downlink system for clients that have the ability to accept 1080P HD video. The system provides performance up to 8,000′ through the 5.1GHz to 5.9Ghz Frequency Range.The use of our OFDM technology provides spectral efficiency and broadcast-quality image definition.

System Technical Information:

  • Sensitivity: -75 dBm
  • Line Standard : 1920x1080P
  • Ultra Low Latency: < 1ms so low that the human eye can not detect it
  • Video Output: NTSC30 or PAL
  • Modulation: COFDM 16QAM
  • Power: 1watt
  • Encryption: AES 128 / 256
  • Power Supply: DC power input 6.5 ~ 16.8VDC; Consumption: 12W
  • Video Out: HDMI: SD, HD 525i, 625i, 720ip, 1080i, 1080p with SDI: 3G, HD & SD-SDI (auto selected) with fiber optic converter capabilities.
  • Compression: None
  • Audio Output: SDI embedded 4-channel 24bit/48Khz
  • Antenna Connection: Multiple antenna technology with advanced algorithms to effectively improve the stability of the system data bandwidth and complex environment improving the dynamic performance of our system.

HD Sender Channels and Frequencies:

  • 0 = 5.550Ghz
  • 1 = 5.590Ghz
  • 2 = 5.630Ghz
  • 3 = 5.670Ghz
  • 4 = 5.755Ghz
  • 5 = 5.190Ghz
  • 6 = 5.230Ghz
  • 7 = 5.270Ghz
  • 8 = 5.310Ghz
  • 9 = 5.510Ghz

About our Analog Live Air To Ground Video Downlink Systems

The Fastrax COFDM Video Link is a versatile COFDM H264 digital video transmitter and receiver and is meant for those clients that do not have the ability to accept our 1080P HD signal. The system provides excellent distance and performance through its range of transmission bandwidths with an increased spectral efficiency in the 2 MHz and 1 MHz narrow bandwidth modes.

This is the narrowest bandwidth available in any comparable product. Built-in AES128/256-bit encryption ensures security – subject to export controls. Various frequency bands are available within 1.15 and 1.4 GHz. Our 1 watt transmitter allows us to transmit over 13,500′ in a non-line-of-sight environment depending on mode, frequency and obstructions, making it ideal for stadium applications.

System Technical Information:

  • Sensitivity: 105 dBm
  • Chrominance Profile: 4:2:0
  • Line Standard: 625
  • Video Bit Rates: 1Mb/sec to 20 Mb/sec
  • Latency: <100 mS
  • Video Output: NTSC or PAL
  • Compression: JPEG 2000
  • Modulation: QPSK/16QAM
  • Power: 1W
  • Encryption: Compliant with ACPO AES 128 / 256
  • RF Bandwidth: 8MHz
  • Input Frequency L Band: 1.15 GHz – 1.4 GHz
  • Power Supply: 8VDC to 16VDC 600mA @ 12VDC
  • Video Out: Composite BNC with Digital and fiber optic converter capabilities
  • Antenna Connection:Two 13dBi panels

Analog Sender Channels and Frequencies:

  • 0 = 1.185
  • 1 = 1.205
  • 2 = 1.225
  • 3 = 1.245
  • 4 = 1.265
  • 5 = 1.285
  • 6 = 1.305
  • 7 = 1.325
  • 8 = 1.385