Smoke Show


Smoke Show

The Skydive Smoke show is perfect for daytime festivals. Four or more highly skilled members of Team Fastrax™ will exit the aircraft from over 10,000 feet and deploy colored smoke while free-falling for 35 seconds at over 120 miles per hour! The demonstrators will then track away from each other creating a beautiful starburst effect before deploying their canopies. They will then fly back into a beautiful formation trailing more colored smoke and 150′ red, white and blue streamers before landing on target in the designated area. This show typically lasts 10 minutes.

Another popular option is our daytime colored smoke fireworks show where we shoot up to 48 one inch colored fireworks off of each demonstrator.

We also have several drop down smoke systems that suspend 6 high output smoke cannisters twenty feet beneath each jumper. These fill the air with Red, White and Blue or custom color smoke of your choice and is typically flown with another jumper in a barber pole fashion. These systems have become a fan favorite!

Be sure to include our state of the art LIVE-FEED system to capture this show up close!