About Team Fastrax™ Parachute Demonstration Team


About Team Fastrax™

Team Fastrax™ is the most ambitious professional parachute demonstration team in the world. The team roster has more than forty active members, with a culmination of more than 175,000 skydives. A Team Fastrax™ demonstration skydive typically consists of a member exiting an aircraft over a large crowd such as an airshow or major sports event. The member then descends to a precise landing, thrilling the spectators.

Since the inception of the Team Fastrax™ Professional Skydiving Parachute Demonstration Team in 2002, we have performed thousands of exhibition skydives. Team Fastrax™ has performed at every entertainment venue imaginable, as far away as Moscow, Russia and Normandy, France. We perform veteran skydives and are approved to jump in highly-restricted airspace. We’re also the only parachute demo team to have performed over Ground Zero on 9/11, the Pentagon, Independence Hall, and over the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Our parachute team jumps at balloon festivals, air shows, NASCAR, Indy Race League, and Formula One. We have even performed at symphony performances, golf courses, amusement parks, tennis courts and veteran support events. The team has also performed at various sports venues such as Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Major League Soccer. We’ve also performed at NCAA baseball, football and lacrosse, high school sporting events and others. We sometimes dress in mascot costumes and franchise uniforms when needed.

Our skydive demonstration performances can be seen in movies and commercials. Our stunt team has even performed stunts for television shows. We know that the breadth and depth of exhibition skydiving venues is deep and wide and we have not seen it all. Sometimes people surprise us with new and unusual venues, so surprise us. Reach out to Team Fastrax™ today to learn more about America’s Skydiving Team performing a skydiving demo for you.

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