Flag Code

The majority of  Team Fastrax™ members have served the United States of America as part of the Armed Forces, many in combat.  It is important to understand that we are not lowering our Nations Colors from a staff. We fly the American Flag below our parachutes with a great degree of pride and treat Her with respect and honor. Because of the large amount of lead used to weigh down the Flag, we are unable to safely stand with open arms to gather Her and prevent Her from touching the ground. However, immediately upon landing, the Flag is saluted and gathered in a dignified fashion.

We do everything in our power to care for the Flag as it represents our care for our country and the men and women who serve to protect our freedom, past, present and future.  Bringing the American Flag into events is one of our greatest honors and we do so with the US Flag Code in mind.

Team Fastrax™ understands that we were all taught to never let the flag touch the ground, however the US Flag Code states that Part 4 Section 8b “The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise” and if it does that care should be taken to assure that it is clean and represents our country in the best manner possible, which we assure are followed after every event.

It is a myth that the American Flag must be burned if it touches the ground.  If the flags we use for these shows “no longer become a fitting emblem for display”, we dispose of them as indicated by the US Flag Code Part 4 section 8k, and replace them to continue with our missions. Please observe the video of an American Flag retirement ceremony at an American Legion Post 286 in New Carlise, Ohio. https://youtu.be/uyglMjWeaPU

We have added a link to the US Flag Code below for your reference.  Please be sure to read Part 4 Section 8.


If you feel we are still indeed disrespecting the flag, we encourage you to email us directly so we can come to a better understanding and resolve any concerns. The most important thing to take away from our US Flag Code is that no disrespect should ever be shown to the American Flag and I assure you that we take our display of the flag very seriously and great pride is taken by our team to offer up this display when possible.

Our goal is to inspire pride in this great country of ours.

God Bless You and God Bless America

Team Fastrax™, America’s Skydiving Team.