Our Creed


First, I lead by example. As a representative of America’s Skydiving Team, I endeavor to continually bring honor to my country, community, family, sponsors and teammates. Under no circumstances will I compromise.

At all times I maintain team resources, my clothing and my equipment in a state of cleanliness and serviceability. My personal fitness and uniform appearance demonstrate my role as a member of an elite skydiving team.

Safety is my top priority. I am mindful of my limitations and vigilant to look out for the welfare of my teammates and others. Eagerly I share useful knowledge with others and speak from a point of mutual respect.

Teamwork, discipline and training are the foundation of Fastrax superior performance and my personal excellence. Each performance is treated as a high profile event. I plan, prepare, perform and debrief each jump for quality. We stay as a team until the task at hand is completed and the job is done.

Readily do I accept responsibility for my own actions and those of my team. I will maintain a high degree of integrity and honor in all matters. I strive for excellence in myself and my teammates, understanding we are all imperfect.

Always looking to give back to our nation, communities and the team, our trademarks are selfless service and personal initiative.  Our team’s highest purpose is honoring our country’s military men and women- especially those families who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

X marks the spot. On Time. On Target. Every Time.