USPA PRO Rating Camp

USPA PRO Ratings are not issued at this camp – they are EARNED!

  1. Working in conjunction with the FAA, the USPA issues Professional Exhibition (PRO) Ratings to any USPA member who has met the current requirements for the rating.
    • This rating identifies the jumper as highly proficient and accurate in canopy control.
    • A USPA PRO Rating holder is also knowledgeable in the areas of coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, obtaining insurance coverage, and providing a professional demonstration of skills.
  2. A USPA PRO Rating is not required for all demonstration jumps, but may be a valuable advantage in working with the FAA.
  3. The PRO Rating is recognized by the FAA and serves as a certificate of proficiency.
  4. During this course, all requirements to attain your USPA PRO Rating will be covered, in addition to other areas that are not USPA requirements but will help you immensely as a Professional Demonstrator.
    • Flag Jumps
    • Banner Jumps
    • Streamer Jumps
    • Smoke Jumps
    • Pyrotechnics Jumps
    • Advanced CRW Jumps
  5. All equipment required for each of these areas is available for sale at this camp or at a later time.

Qualifications and Procedures

  1. To initially qualify for the PRO Rating, an applicant must:
    • Be a current member of the USPA
    • Possess a USPA D License
    • Have at least 500 jumps on a ram-air canopy
    • Make a series of ten jumps into a circle ten meters in diameter (landing within five meters of the center point) using the same model and size canopy.
  2. The applicant must pre-declare each jump to count toward the requirements for the PRO rating.
  3. Once the applicant has started the series, he or she may make non-declared jumps; however, non-declared jumps may not count toward the accuracy requirements for the rating.
  4. All of the ten pre-declared jumps in the series must be successful for any in the series to count toward the rating; and in the event of an unsuccessful jump, the applicant must start a new series.
  5. On each declared jump, the applicant must make the first contact and stop within the ten-meter circle and make all landings standing up.
  6. All declared jumps must be witnessed by an S&TA, Instructor Examiner, or a USPA Regional or National Director.
  7. The applicant must obtain signatures of the eligible verifying official for each of the ten jumps.
  8. Score at least 75% on the USPA PRO Rating exam.
  9. Forward the completed application form to his or her USPA Regional Director for their signature. This also includes:
    • A 1″x1″ full face photo of the applicant
    • The completed PRO Rating Exam
    • The rating fee
    • Have the PRO Rating Proficiency card signed off by an I/E, S&TA, or PRO Rating holder, indicating that the Pro Rating applicant has received training the following areas:
      1. Ground Crew- and served as a ground crew member on at least one Level 1 or Level 2 demo jump.
      2. Flag Rigging- and made at least one jump with a flag.
      3. Smoke Rigging- and made at least one jump with smoke.
      4. NOTAM filing and certificates of authorization.
      5. Crowd Control.
      6. Post-Jump procedures.
  10. Except for the minimum 500 ram-air jump requirement, all training listed must be made within the previous 12 months of the application.
  11. The USPA Regional Director will forward the initial application to USPA Headquarters.


  1. The smallest canopy used during qualification will be the smallest size copy to be used for minimum landing area (level 2) jumps, and the canopy size will be noted on the PRO Rating card.
  2. USPA will issue an annual PRO Rating with an expiration date that will coincide with the applicant’s membership expiration date.
  3. The rating must be renewed annually in order to remain current.
  4. If a PRO Rating holder’s competence is questioned by an FAA or USPA official (including S&TAs), the PRO Rating holder may be required to re-affirm his or her proficiency.
  5. To re-qualify on a smaller canopy:
    • The rating holder must make three successive, pre-declared jumps, making the first contact and stopping within a circle ten meters in diameter with that canopy.
    • All landings must be made standing up and be verified by an S&TA, I/E, USPA Judge, or a Regional or National Director.

Annual renewal requirements

  1. Within the previous 12 months the PRO holder must perform all of the following, verified by the signature of a current S&TA, I/E, USPA Judge or Board Member (you may not renew yourself), and forward a completed PRO renewal application to USPA Headquarters:
    • Make at least 50 Jumps.
    • Submit a 1″x1″ full face photo.

Course Fee

The course registration fee is $500 and includes 5 lift tickets and all required materials to complete the course. The course is two days in length and declared jumps can be made during this course at $16 per slot.