Honoring Fallen Heroes

Team Fastrax™ helps honor fallen heroes by dedicating each performance. Each and every performance this year will be dedicated to a fallen service member.

With over 300 performances scheduled in 2017, Team Fastrax™ aims to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our country. By dedicating each skydiving performance to a service member, Team Fastrax™ wants to say thank you to our fallen brothers and sisters.

Before each performance team members take a photo in front of the plane while holding up a picture of the man or woman being honored. They then fold up the picture and put it in their jumpsuit, carrying the fallen hero with them during the performance.

Team Fastrax™ has a long and close personal history to the United States Military. Team Fastrax™ founding members John Hart, David Hart and Gene Newsom are all former U.S. Army. Many other demonstration team members are also former service members.

Team Fastrax™ also supports veterans and gold star families through their charitable work with the Team Fastrax™ Warrior Weekend to Remember. Warrior Weekend to Remember and the Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation’s mission is to honor our nation’s veterans, Purple Heart Warriors and the families of fallen heroes by providing enriching, life changing experiences that facilitate new friendships and emotional healing.

Through our performance dedications, we wish to keep alive the names of our nation’s fallen heroes.

You can follow our performance dedications on our Facebook Page to learn more about each fallen hero. Team Fastrax™ Facebook Page 

You can learn more about the Team Fastrax™ Warrior Weekend to Remember here.

Check out our YouTube Channel for each performance here.