ELOY, AZ – On 10/28/21, the Team Fastrax™ 2-Way Sequential Skydiving Team from Middletown, Ohio won the Gold Medal at the 2021 United States Parachute Association National Championships. This year is the qualifier to make the United States Parachute Team, whose members will compete at the 2022 World Championships.

The Team Fastrax™ 2-Way team consists of Nicole Condrey- Middletown, Ohio and Yuliya Pangburn-Casa Grande, Arizona. Videographer/Alternate John Hart-Middletown, Ohio and Brian Pangburn-Casa Grande, Arizona

2-Way Sequential Teams consists of 2 skydivers, supported by a team videographer. They have 1 minute of working time to complete a pre-determined series of formations. A point is scored for each formation correctly completed in accordance with a draw made at the start of the event. The competition consists of 8 rounds, and within each round there are 5 different formations. The team must complete the series as many times as possible during the working time.

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